February 26, 2013

Sumner Regional Medical Center Donates $10,000 in "Chill Docs" to Sumner County Emergency Medical Services

The leadership team of Sumner Regional Medical Center (SRMC) today donated 10 “Chill Docs” to Sumner County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to assist the organization with updating its ambulance fleet with the latest hypothermic treatment technology for patients experiencing cardiac arrest.


“Sumner County EMS plays such an important role in caring for patients experiencing cardiac arrest before they arrive at the hospital, and the groundbreaking work they’re doing with using cooled fluids in ambulances greatly improves the outcome of the patients we treat in the Emergency Room,” said Susan Peach, CEO of HighPoint Health System and Sumner Regional Medical Center.  “We’re proud of the partnership we have with our EMS team in Sumner County and are pleased to have the opportunity to provide this life-saving technology that improves outcomes for our patients.”


“Chill Docs” are temperature-controlled containers designed to store fluids within therapeutic hypothermia ranges within an ambulance or emergency rescue vehicle, explained Mike Anderson, education and training coordinator at Sumner County EMS. 


“At EMS, we start the process of caring for cardiac victims, preparing the patient for the hospital to take over,” said Anderson.  “By putting cooled fluids into a patient once their pulse and blood pressure are restored in the ambulance, the body can begin to cool down, which decreases possible cell damage and increases the chance of the patient having a full rehabilitation and a better outcome, with less chance of neurological damage.”


Dr. Ray Pinkston, emergency room physician and medical director of the SRMC Emergency Room added, “Using chilled fluids in resuscitation of a cardiac patient is powerful and gives us the opportunity to save more lives.  It’s a concept that hasn’t been picked up by most emergency medical services teams and I’m proud that our guys at Sumner County EMS implemented this program for patients in Sumner County and am pleased that Sumner Regional Medical Center is able to assist them in making it happen.”


Sumner County was the first county emergency medical services organization in Tennessee to utilize “Chill Docs” in ambulances to improve outcomes for patients in cardiac arrest and remains one of only about 10 percent of EMS organizations that are using the life-saving technology today.  The first “Chill Docs” were placed in ambulances in 2009 and are being upgraded with the new equipment donated by Sumner Regional this month.


Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt said, “It’s phenomenal to have a wonderful hospital like Sumner Regional here in this county.  It makes a big difference.  We have the professionals here and we’re providing top-of-the-line equipment that saves lives.  I’m proud of the partnership we share and would like to thank LifePoint Hospitals, Mrs. Peach, and her staff at Sumner Regional for their commitment to high quality health care and the safety of the people of Sumner County.”


About Sumner Regional Medical Center

Sumner Regional Medical Center, a progressive, 155-bed acute care facility in Gallatin, Tenn., is the flagship hospital of HighPoint Health System, which also includes two 25-bed critical access hospitals in Carthage and Hartsville.  SRMC offers a full range of emergency, diagnostic, surgical, women’s, pediatric and rehabilitative services and has been serving the communities of Sumner County and beyond for more than 50 years. To learn more, visit www.MySumnerMedical.com.



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